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Craigie Rd
24 / April / 2015

Craigie Rd 10 point

Craigie Rd


10 point
Cnr of Morrisons rd & the esplanade Mt Martha
  • Easy to access
  • Parking is available in the near
  • Easy to find
  • Asphalt road

The site

10 point
Grassy fenced off fill area behind fence at car park at the end of Morrisons Rd.
  • Narrow airstrip
  • Recommended for experts only


10 point
There is no decent landing area below takeoff for use as a bomb out, so be conservative when evaluating takeoff conditions.

There is a point immediately to the right of takeoff. If the wind is too far north, it generates turbulence. The wind is usually off to the left a bit. Watch your wings - we've had a few low hour pilots drop the left hand wingtip on takeoff and end up in the bushes.

The site is sensitive the local council are not really keen on us flying there, so be polite and careful at all times. Keep an eye on the wind lines. In general, the winds on the bay tend more southerly with time. You should be able to see a southerly swing coming and make it to the appropriate landing area before it gets to you.
  • Flight with restrictions
  • There are impeding objects


10 point
For hang gliders - on the beach at Mt Martha (2km south of takeoff) or the beach around the point to the right of takeoff (there's a steep track you can carry back up on). Experienced paragliders may land on top at takeoff in appropriate conditions only. Beware of rotor & high tension lines on east side of road.
  • Can fly back to the site
  • Difficult landing
  • Landing is available only in a specified place


10 point
Only for Experienced licenced Paragliders, no novice fliers.
  • It's worth to come back
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