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Flinder Golf course
25 / April / 2015

Flinders 10 point



10 point
  • Easy to access
  • Parking is available in the near
  • Easy to find
  • Asphalt road
  • Flights which does not require permissions

The site

10 point
Site has been upgraded surface
  • Ordered, maintained
  • Easy take off
  • Recommended for beginners too


10 point
From the Bowl, pilots can enjoy a trip up the coast to the Blow hole point, about 1.6km away.

You may wish to take a vario. It is common in summer for quite bouyant bubbles of air to lift from exposed rock areas on the beach. Some have spent many happy times floating about 700ft above takeoff riding these bubbles whilst less fortunate souls without varios whiz about only one or two hundred feet above launch.


10 point
Beach landiing only , no top landing on launch or Golf course!. Land on beach traveling in SE direction
  • Easy landing
  • Landing area is located near to the site
  • Can fly back to the site


10 point
Fun site
  • It's worth to come back
  • I recommend
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