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Sunnyside Rd
10 / September / 2014

Sunnyside 10 point



10 point
Coastal cliff adjacent to the Mornington Golf Course, end of Sunnyside Rd past Beach huts.
  • Easy to access
  • Parking is available in the near
  • Easy to find

The site

10 point
Two launches both cleared areas are located through the scrub at the top of the cliffs. A long, steep climb if you are carrying a hang glider.
  • Easy take off


10 point
Once in the air, the main beat is around a kilometer long, however on a good day pilots can cross the carpark and fly down to Mount Eliza, total distance is around 8km. There are plenty of well shaped bowls along the ridge and good height can be obtained.
  • Flight with restrictions


10 point
The main landing area is the beach adjacent to the car park. It is very short and very narrow. Suitable for paragliders or low performance hang gliders. Landings on top are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. DO NOT land in the golf course. Watch out for the two trees at the end of the beach, many pilots do get fixated & can have wingtips caught here.
  • Landing area is located near to the site
  • Landing is available only in a specified place


10 point
Can get good height over the far mansion, however if the owner does yell out please ignore him & don't antagonise them
  • It's worth to come back
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